Data and Process Driven SEA with SEAlyzer

       We think in data when we are optimizing the AdWords accounts of our customers. We help you to get the right view on your performance data and also help you to bring the right actions to your account quickly. We support you by automating the most important SEA processes that are essential to be successful. Contact us when you are interested in these topics!

Use our data-driven process automation as a service through your web browser and increase your efficiency in the AdWords account.

Account Management

We have solutions to build up a complete best practice account structure by just providing a feed of your product data. Shopping, normal keyword accounts and dynamic search ads are rolled out with a few clicks. Maintenance is also easy with Googles Big Query database in the background providing the possibility to make even big changes over many accounts easily.

Reporting & Analytics

We are using Cloud technologies like Google Big Query or Google Data Lab to show you the most important facts of your AdWords accounts. Benefit of your best practice reporting and analysis or talk to us for customized data analysis in Python or R.


When your account is set up with our feed solution we have lots of master data attributes that are connected to the keywords. With this information we can also predict bids for keywords that have very sparse data. We are using technologies like google Big Query and Prediction API to solve this problem even for very large keyword sets.